“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible!” – Audrey Hepburn

Lesson of the Week

Consistently staying positive can be really challenging, but it might not be a challenge you have to take on. Sometimes things keep feeling like they’re going wrong, and sometimes it just feels good to allow yourself to feel bad for a little bit- there’s a kind of catharsis in negativity. But like most highs, it’s short lived, and eventually you have to deal with what’s been put in front of you. That’s when you need to be positive. Being shameful of negativity will never help solve problems, but if you allow yourself to acknowledge that you needed a release, and that now you can focus on the good and move forward, then you’ll save yourself a lot of time and energy, and be able to shift your outlook to an optimistic one much faster. It’s similar to the economic concept of sunk cost, which is a cost you can’t get back. You can’t get back the negative time or attitude that you had, but allowing yourself to accept and move on from it can promote more happiness than allowing one thing to ruin your day. And you can even apply that to other aspects of life, like allowing yourself to be comfortable changing plans if you realize something isn’t working. Sometimes it just takes a little self-acceptance and a deep breath to get back on track.

Positive News of the Week

  • A recent study shows that hearing loss in working-age Americans continues to fall, a trend that has been going on for the last 50 years! Better medications, less noisy factories, and more mindful headphones and earbuds have contributed to this trend.
  • In Rhode Island, America’s first off-shore wind farm just opened, providing 17,000 homes in Block Island electricity. The town is a tourist spot that used to run on a diesel-fueled plant, but is now solely run on renewable energy.
  • Large investors who control over $5 trillion in assets have been dropping fossil fuel stocks from their portfolios and investing in more renewable energy companies and research. Although this trend alone won’t foster change, it is a huge step in encouraging financial growth for renewable energy.
  • Apeel Sciences, a start-up in southern California, has developed a safe, edible coating that can extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables up to 5 times. Although testing and permits are required before they could be integrated into regular produce, it would help promote fresher imported fruits and vegetables.

Challenges of the Week

  • Internal Challenge ∅ This week, try to catch yourself doing a bad habit 3 times. You may not break the habit, but catching yourself is the first step.
  • External Challenge ∅ This week, try to reach out to a friend you haven’t talked to in over 6 months. Wish them happy holidays!